Special Report:  Discrimination Against Women

Sadly, there was recently another case of blatant gender discrimination in our scientific community.  See http://www.buzzfeed.com/catferguson/women-scientists-share-their-stories-of-sexism-in-publishing

Such treatment of women has to stop and the way to do it is to make it always unacceptable every time it happens.  Women have been and continue to be subject to discrimination and degradation in nearly every aspect of their lives.  From religion to the workplace to their private lives.  Discrimination of women goes on and on.

I am part Armenian and part Native American.  Both of which were subjected to brutal genocides.  I am also part Rom and part Irish both of which have seen more than their share of discrimination.

But no group of people have see more discrimination then women.  Women are singled out  solely because they are women.

Discrimination toward women is reprehensible.

Society has to stop accepting it.  One-by-one, each of us has to stop accepting it.  We, the thinking part of our society, need to shun those who discriminate.  We need to take a stand and show our colleges, the media,  and everyone that gender discrimination will not be tolerated.

I think the best ways to do this is to tell our stories out loud so others can see and hear, and to walk away from individuals, groups, and societies that discriminate.

This is not a battle just for women.  We, men, have to stand up with them and walk away too.  When any one member of the human race is degraded it lessens us all.

Please, every day, in every way, say no to discrimination towards women.

It starts with little steps taken by each and every one of us and ends when every woman is held with the respect, honor, and esteem that they deserve.


Don Adzigian, Editor In Chief



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