ArchTool 2 – Light Tent

The Light Tent

I recommend a Light Tent. (Total Cost $71 – Tent and two Lights.)  I’ve use light boxes before and I don’t recommend them for several reasons.  See Table 1.


Light Tent Light Box
Cheap Expensive
Portable folds into a Pouch Not Portable
Many sizes to choose from, easy to maneuver objects Big, heavy, hard to maneuver objects
Totally flexible light positioning Fixed light positions
With the right tripod just about any camera position Fixed camera position – usually overhead

                                                 Table 1

A 30 inch light tent, lights and a computer can be comfortably set up on a six foot folding table.  The computer would run Canon EOS software which comes with every Canon EOS camera.  It gives you complete control of the camera , capture and naming of photos.

Light Tent Illustration

                                                         Fig 1


CowboyStudio Light Tent with Backgrounds Fig 2.  All fold up into a neat little carry pouch see Fig 3.

Amazon $34



            Fig 2                                                                                Fig 3

CowboyStudio Photography Table Top Photo Studio Lighting Kit – 2 Light Kit Fig 4.

Amazon $37


Fig 4



You will need a tripod but it warrants its own section and is discussed in ArchTool 3 – Tripods.



An optional light can be placed overhead if desired.

CowboyStudio Photography Video Studio Premium Pro Boom Set W501 with Light Stand, Boom and Weight Bag Fig 5.

Amazon $60



Fig 5

CowboyStudio Photo Studio Reflector with AC Socket Fig 6 and Full Spectrum Bulbs Fig 7.

Amazon $22                                                 Amazon $20


                       Fig 6


                         Fig 7


Rice or Bean Bags

Fashion a couple of different size bags out of black velour and fill them with rice or dried beans.  You can use these to support your artifacts at many different angles to facilitate you photography.

Bean Bag 2


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