Detroit’s Historic Corktown

The following photos should give you the flavor of Corktown where many of our excavations have taken place.  Corktown is in Detroit’s near West Side in the downtown area.  The homes were built in c. early to mid 19th Century.  To put it in perspective they were constructed not long after the Untied States declared its independence.

1-West Wall Touch Up Final

High Res Photo Mosaic of our Excavations behind a Workers Row House – WSU Don Adzigian


Another View of the Workers Row House Excavation – WSU


Early in the Excavation of Workers Row House Dr. Thomas Killion – WSU


A Key found at one of the Corktown sites – WSU

Below are just a few of the beautiful homes in Detroit’s Corktown area.

1-IMG_0160 1-IMG_0154 1-IMG_0153 1-IMG_0141 1-IMG_0140 1-IMG_0136 1-IMG_0135 1-IMG_0133 1-IMG_0128 1-IMG_0126 1-IMG_0124 1-IMG_0123 1-IMG_0121 1-IMG_0120 1-IMG_0117 1-IMG_0113


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